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Choosing a water mixer

How to choose the right type of shower for your home. If you are wondering which shower is suitable for you, we cover all types of showers, including electric, mixer, power showers and thermostatic showers. Understand the options and fit to select, so that you immediately get right.

A variety of forms, models, design features of sanitary equipment makes it possible to effectively use the selected model in relation to any particular situation.

  • Electric showers
  • Mixer shower
  • Thermostatic mixer showers
  • Shower valves
  • Power showers
  • Shower pumps
  • Shower Cubicles
  • Drainage

In medical and medical institutions, for example, an elbow mixer is increasingly used, which, thanks to its elongated and curved handle, allows you to open the tap without touching it with your hands, thereby ensuring sterility and ease of operation.

Worth mentioning the thermostatic and touch faucets. A characteristic feature of such mixers is the use of a special infrared sensor in its design, the purpose of which is to trigger and open water only when human hands are brought to the faucet. Such mixers have another very attractive and convenient function, namely the programming of water temperature. The desired water temperature is pre-set on the mixer and then it is maintained in automatic mode.

Technical and innovative ideas are constantly being generated, they eventually translate into new items of household equipment, plumbing, including, and this gives reason to expect the emergence of even more advanced and modern designs and devices.

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