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What does the heating system repair include?

  • Inspection of the boiler and check its performance. If the parts are worn and the equipment does not work, the parts are replaced and the device is fully restored. We have spare parts for the best boilers of domestic and foreign manufacturers;
  • The quality of the pipes is verified. Even the most durable steel and copper pipes are subject to corrosion, which destroys their structure. Therefore, we will replace damaged pipes so that they do not break under the influence of high water pressure;
  • The pressure inside the device is checked. If the combustion chamber is full of waste and cleaning is not carried out in a timely manner, this will lead to a breakdown of the device and poor-quality heating.

We perform work of any complexity, including the design of heating systems. The works are carried out in the shortest possible time, since we have the necessary tools and spare parts to restore the equipment.

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