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Water heater repair of common dysfunctions

Right Heating plumbers are engaged in repair, as well as installation of water heaters. Professionally install and connect water heaters of any type with a guarantee of quality. Just one call 02085396346 and you can enjoy comfort again.

Causes of damage to water heaters

Repair of the water heater may be necessary due to various malfunctions. Knowing the causes of these failures and what needs to be done, you can avoid repairs in the future:

  • The water heater does not turn on;
  • The water heater does not (slowly) heat the water;
  • Weak water pressure;
  • Extraneous noise when opening the crane;
  • The water heater is leaking;
  • A check valve leaks at the water heater;
  • The water heater is shocking;
  • The plug is warming.

Right Heating plumbers will eliminate any malfunction of the water heater quickly, competently, with a guarantee of quality.

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If the boiler stops heating water, the heating element is broken due to excess scale. Or a thermostat that has deteriorated due to a critical increase in humidity. The cause of the breakdown can also be hidden in the electronic modules, fuse, circuit breakers or emergency operation of the cutoff. The latter often occurs if the water heater is turned on to operate at maximum temperatures. Another failure is a long heating of the water, because of which the water does not come in hot, but warm.

If hot water enters the faucet with a low pressure, you need to evaluate the pressure of the cold water entering the tank, as well as the performance of the mixer. If both devices operate normally, the fuse valve may be defective – clogged with dirt or boiling salts. In this case, the valve must be cleaned.

An equally rare cause of breakdowns is incorrect operation of the automated shutdown device. Low-quality heaters use cheap shutdown devices that break frequently. If the shutdown device works too often, completely turning off the water heater, the neutral conductor and the ground conductor may be confused.

If the boiler does not heat enough water, the reason can be found in the incorrect installation of the device: the cold and hot water inlets could be mixed up or incorrectly connected.

Water heaters are convenient to use, they allow you to save large volumes of hot water, which may be enough both to take a bath and for production needs. Despite the fact that these are simple and reliable devices, repair of water heater and any other equipment is a nuisance that their users sometimes encounter. Repair is necessary when the water heater does not turn on, makes noise during heating, beats current, does not heat water, and flows.


Over 1625 repaired boilers in 2018


99% of customers are satisfied with the quality of work performed


99% of customers are satisfied with the quality of work performed

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