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Right Heating services for gas line installation and repair

Gas equipment is in almost every London apartment. Its benefits are clear and undeniable. But such equipment has its drawbacks, namely the threat of leakage of supplied gas, the occurrence of explosions or fires. To prevent this from happening for such useful, but very dangerous equipment, you need to closely monitor

Installation and maintenance of gas equipment in apartments

First, we determine what kind of equipment is most often installed in apartments. First of all, it is gas stoves or gas cooking surfaces. Also, some owners of living space in an apartment building buy and install gas water heaters, which allow minimizing the inconvenience of apartment owners during the shutdown of the hot water supply during the summer period.

Only organizations that are licensed to carry out this type of activity have the right to install, connect, and continue to maintain gas equipment in apartments. Right Heating company has all necessary certification for gas installation. For such works, special tools and devices are required, as well as masters performing the work must necessarily know and comply with the rules and norms of fire safety of an apartment building.

Right Heating emergency plumbing services in London. Should you need any help, just call us 0208 539 6346

Call us now 0208 539 6346

Right Heating emergency plumbing services in London. Should you need any help, just call us 0208 539 6346

If you have a gas stove at home, then you must have seen how the gas service specialists perform a functional check. As a rule, such simple actions are first performed:

Burning burners. It is necessary to reveal whether the formation of a flame is accompanied by characteristic cotton, whether the flame goes out spontaneously, and to evaluate the uniformity of burning. Also estimated flame color. For example, if it is blue – this means that the plate is working properly. If the color of the flame is yellow – this means that the gas burner is dirty or damaged.

Checking the tightness of the gas stove connection to the gas pipeline. This can be done with the help of soap solution, which is applied to the place where the connecting hose connects with the gas pipeline. In addition, a gas leak can simply be heard (a faint whistle will be heard) or you can feel the characteristic smell.

Right Heating company offers

– Emergency Repair of Gas boilers heating all brands and models

– Maintenance

– Repair of gas water heaters

– We work 24 hours a day! Seven days a week!

– Fast, neat, high quality.

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