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Boiler Repair in London

A boiler is an important element, an indispensable attribute of a modern apartment. Right Heating plumbing company offers boiler repair, helps with installations and gives advise on maintenance issues.

Repair of boilers requires special knowledge and skills. Our professional plumbers are experienced specialists, who have been working in this field for a long time. The key to quality service in the selection of original spare parts and timely replacement of parts.

Features of repairing boilers

The boiler is a complex, volumetric mechanism. If it breaks down, then you will not be able to quickly deliver it to a repair shop without a vehicle. So that there are no problems with delivery – order the in-home consultation with the departure of the emergency plumber at home.

You can order:

  • Repair of tena of a boiler, including dry tena of a water heater;
  • Repair of a tank of a boiler at home;
  • Repair of the boiler thermostat;
  • Other services related to the maintenance of the water heater.

At all stages of the plumber’s work quality control is carried out. This allows Right Heating to provide a guarantee for work for 3-12 months.


Over 1625 repaired boilers in 2018


99% of customers are satisfied with the quality of work performed


99% of customers are satisfied with the quality of work performed

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