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Repair of heating systems and maintenance in London

Proper repair of any communications allows you to extend the life of the equipment.

We repair heating systems in the following cases:

  • The radiator network is defrosted; usually requires replacement of all elements of the system: radiators, pipes, fittings.
  • Radiators began to work worse, despite the cleaning of the filters and the proper operation of the boiler – if the decrease in the efficiency of the system was slow without external intervention, it is most likely the matter in the dirt accumulated in the pipes of the system. A flushing of the system is required.
  • Radiators of the system warm up unevenly, and it is not possible to correct this by balancing the system – it is necessary to add reinforcement for the possibility of deeper balancing.

There is no possibility without intervention to correct the situation when the temperature on the ground floor of the house is insufficient, and on the second one it is excessive – it is necessary to add bypass branches to the system with a riser or balancing reinforcement in the system with any type of horizontal wiring.

If radiator network was installed with errors preventing all radiators from working in the same way, usually it is a matter of incorrectly selected pipe diameters, throughput of the shut-off valves. It is necessary to replace the scheme of the heating system and a new pipe laying.

There was a need to add radiators to the existing network, for example, in all sorts of late additions to the existing house – adding new radiators to the system requires recalculation and new pipe laying.

Leaks were formed due to poor quality of pipes, corrosion of radiators – replacement of pipes and radiators is required.
Another repair of heating systems.