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Water pipes installation and repair

It often happens that the old pipes have rusted and become unusable, so the replacement of pipes is required. And then, in order not to have problems with dirty, muddy water that flows from the tap or not to remain without water at all, you should immediately call the master. The specialist will come and inspect the water supply system in order to identify the cause of weak pressure or rusty water. After that, it will be clear for sure if the replacement of pipes is necessary.

To live in an apartment or house where there is a significant problem with water is not very comfortable. But many buildings have, still an old water supply system, because of which the residents of the house suffer with bad pressure every day. It is very inconvenient when you need to take a shower, wash dirty clothes, prepare food, and do not squeeze water from the tap. The cause of all these problems are the old pipes, which have long been blocked or completely rotted. In this situation, the only way out will be the complete replacement of pipes. This difficult business should be entrusted to professionals, they will do everything efficiently and quickly.

Types of pipe installation

Wiring when replacing pipes, there are two types – collector and one-pipe. Each of them has several advantages and disadvantages. Collecting the collector type is more expensive than one pipe, but it is more comfortable and more functional than the second. The owner of the apartment, will not have problems with lack of water, if someone was poured by neighbors or another tenant broke through the water. Collector wiring allows you to disable a specific consumer, without affecting the rest. In such a wiring also, the possibility of pressure drop in the pipes is excluded, whereas this is often the case in apartments with one pipe wiring. The disadvantage of single pipe wiring is considered one riser, in other words, if your neighbour needs to turn off the water, then not only he, but all the tenants will lose their water supply. Despite this, one-pipe wiring allows you to save materials and space, and at the same time, money.

If you have lived in an apartment for a long time, and other people have lived here for many years, then problems with pipes may arise at any time. In this case, entrust the replacement of sewer pipes, water supply and heating to real professionals who have been familiar with this matter for more than ten years.

The main work carried out in the repair of pipelines:

– external inspection of the pipeline to identify defects and determine the scope of work;

– checking and fitting of supports and hangers;

– checking the position of compensators;

– check valve fittings;

– check the tightness of the valve;

– elimination of leaks in flange connections, covering flanges, changing gaskets;

– replacement of worn parts and assemblies of the pipeline or their restoration to the appropriate standard sizes and tolerances;

– isolation of pipelines;

– testing of pipelines for strength and density;

– painting of pipelines.

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