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How to repair a water heater

Currently, most householders are happy owners of storage tanks – water heaters, but sometimes happiness gives way to disappointment when the only source of warm water breaks and there are many problems in everyday life that cannot be solved without warm water.

The most common causes are: incorrect connection, poor quality components, or improper use. If you want your water heater to work like a clock, then you need to know the exact reason that only a professional plumber can determine.

The water heater storage tank consists of several electrical components such as heaters and a thermostat. The most common failure of the storage tank is the failure of the heating element, so the repair of the water heater consists in replacing the burned-out heating element with a new one.

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You can understand that the heating element in your tank is broken by the following signs:

  • water does not heat up
  • tripping device is activated
  • tank beats the current

Water heater is a tubular heating element consisting of an outer metal shell and a spiral of nichrome. It converts electrical energy into heat, so thanks to it, there is warm water in our homes. Generally water heater is quite reliable and structurally simple product, the only thing that it is afraid of this inclusion without water, since the power laid down for each square centimeter is designed for water, and not for air.

If your tank heats the water to boiling water, and the steps to adjust the heating temperature do not change anything, the thermostat is likely to burn, which needs to be replaced.

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