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What do you need to repair a boiler

The presence of a boiler, today, is an indispensable attribute of each metropolitan apartment.

Water, including hot, is considered an indispensable component of convenience and personal microclimate in every house, following this, in case of any malfunction or breakdown of the boiler, we find ourselves in a state of particular discomfort. Therefore, there is an acute problem of individual hygiene and cleaning their own premises.

A modern flow-through or storage water heater is a fairly reliable and relatively uncomplicated device. But nevertheless, as well as any devices, they can wear out and fail. Repair of water heaters must be performed by a highly qualified and experienced master. A person, in the absence of proper skills and knowledge, is capable of spoiling expensive equipment and making its use dangerous.

Those who value their coziness at home, call the boiler master to the house.

Today, boilers are becoming more and more famous, due to their reliability, durability and safety of use in domestic situations and a large selection of tanks of any capacity. It is not as easy to perform quality and accurate repair and maintenance of boilers as it seems at first glance.

The strength of the device depends on error-free commissioning. The main factor is the correct connection of the water heater to the mains and water supply. Quite often, technically correct installation of the boiler is neglected, after which sudden disruptions in operation begin to appear. Among other things, do not neglect the installation of water purification filters, which in turn will be positively reflected in the performance properties of the heating element.

Breakdown of the boiler and their causes

The hard water in our pipes is quite hostile to the heating component of the water heater. Passing through calcareous rocks, water along the way dissolves minerals, calcium and magnesium are especially undesirable in the composition of tap water. The more calcium and magnesium salts are in the water, the harder the water is, therefore, the more scale it leaves. Well, scaling shortens the life of any boiler.

We have prepared articles for every water heater failure, where we revealed the causes of failures and how to avoid them in the future.

1) Boiler does not heat water
2) Boiler does not turn on
3) Water heater badly (slowly) heats the water
4) When the boiler is turned on, the automatic
5) Low water pressure
6) Strange sounds when you open the tap
7) Leaking boiler
8) Check valve leaks
9) Boiler shocks
10) the fork is heated

All above listed failures or malfunctions of boilers are eliminated by our specialists.

You can call the plumber by phone 0208 539 6346


Order of repair of boilers

  1. Diagnostics of the malfunction is carried out in order to establish its nature and determine the list of necessary works and necessary spare parts.
  2. Selected branded parts needed for repairs.
  3. The process of repairing water heaters at home at the client is performed.
  4. The repair of the repaired boiler is being checked and tested in all modes.

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