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Heating System Diagnosis & Repair – where to start?

1. Determine what type of heating system is installed

Hot Water or Steam Heating Systems – Boilers:
If heating in your house is provided by hot metal radiators, heating skirting containing ribbed copper pipes, or wall convectors that look like a radiator but contain ribbed copper pipes, or if the heat is provided by flexible rubber, plastic or metal pipes, work in floors or ceilings of buildings, then warm or hot water circulating in these devices is probably delivered through pipelines of circulating water heated by a heating boiler, or, in Possibly with a steam boiler or heat pump or a geothermal system.

What’s the difference between hot water boiler and steam boiler?

The steam boiler supplies heat into the occupied space in the form of steam: the boiler boils water and sends steam through the steam risers and through steam radiators in the occupied space.

If your radiators have valves that sizzle and allow air to escape when heat is supplied to your heat, it is likely to be supplied through pipes that circulate steam from the steam boiler up through the radiators in the occupied space.

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