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Professional water heater repair in London

The water heater in the house requires periodic qualified maintenance. Only by making the correct hitch, correctly connecting to the water supply, power supply system and timely maintenance, you can count on a long service life of the water heater.

Right Heating professional plumbers will help to resolve all issues related to connecting, servicing and repairing a water heater in London.

We provide the following services:

  • repair of water heaters at home;
  • hinge and connection of water heaters;
  • transportation of a water heater if it is necessary to carry out repairs in a workshop;
  • maintenance of water heaters.

Calling the master, specify the make and model of the water heater. This information will help determine the set of necessary spare parts and make repairs on the first visit.

Right Heating emergency plumbing services in London. Should you need any help, just call us 0208 539 6346

Why did the water heater break?

Without exaggeration it can be said that violation of the rules of installation and operation leads not only to the failure of the main elements, but can also lead to the failure of the water heater as a whole.

The most frequent breakdowns of boilers

  • the water heater does not turn on – replacement of the safety thermostat is required
  • the boiler turns on, but does not heat up – a replacement heater is needed
  • the boiler knocks out RCDs or plugs on the shield – replacement of the electric heater is necessary

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High quality work

We give a guarantee of 6 months for work and materials.

Payment for the result

You pay for our services only after completing the work and receiving the result you need.

Prevention of boiler breakdowns

In order for the water heater to serve you for a long time, competent care is required for it, as for any complex equipment, which implies that you will:

  • drain water from the boiler for a long downtime
  • timely replace the anode
  • do not turn on the water heater empty
  • Do not always use the water heater at maximum temperature (just set the thermostat 5 degrees below the maximum)

What is maintenance?

Maintenance must be done at least once every two years. If the water supply is organized from a well, then it is advisable to carry out preventive maintenance once a year. It includes preventative cleaning of the tank from solid deposits, replacing the anode and testing of the main elements.

Right Heating emergency plumbing services in London. Should you need any help, just call us 0208 539 6346



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