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Professional bathroom installations and refurbishment in London

Bathroom repair and refurbishment is a process that involves many stages, the comfort and safety of using the bath depend on the quality of each. Our professional plumbers draw up an estimate that takes into account the services planned by the customer and the expected result. After signing the contract, the purchase of materials and sanitary equipment for the bathroom from regular suppliers.

Our experienced plumbers carry out bathroom repair, including the following services:

  • drawing up a design project;
  • dismantling of plumbing, coatings;
  • redevelopment of the bathroom;
  • electrical work;
  • alignment of surfaces;
  • installation of sockets, switches, chandeliers;
  • laying of tiles, flooring;
  • door installation.
Right Heating emergency plumbing services in London. Should you need any help, just call us 0208 539 6346

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Why use the Right Heating plumber services?

  • Highly specialized wizards.
  • Strict observance of the deadlines for the delivery of the object.
  • Implementation of the full range of services.
  • Warranty for repairs.
  • Departure of the measurer, the drafter of the estimate (free service).
  • Prices for bathroom repair services are prescribed in the contract, never change during work.
  • We save customers time, as we undertake the search for materials, execution of all documents.

Only professional plumbers can qualitatively repair the bathroom, as a room with utilities requires a qualified approach. The plumber should dismantle and install the required equipment, repair the water supply and sewer, and the electrician should be wiring.

Selection of materials, installation of plumbing, wiring installation are carried out by specialists with the necessary permissions and tolerances. Repair is carried out by professionals in strict accordance with building codes, safety rules. You will receive an updated, convenient, comfortable room with a pleasant functional interior!

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