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What do you need to replace a water heater

Connection and installation of water heaters is a popular service among the clients of our organization. Connection and installation of storage or instantaneous water heater. Our specialists constantly improve their professional level and strive to approach the work with all attention and responsibility.

Installing a water heater is a matter that requires precise calculations and thoroughness. The most reasonable thing to do is to install the device during construction, since, in this phase, it is easier to make the correct connection without damage to the decor. Connecting the water heater, you should carefully select its location, calculate the power, select the necessary pipes and fittings.

Installation of the heater is carried out in various ways in accordance with the capacity. 30-100 liters – the volume of a vertical boiler attached to the wall on two hooks. The horizontal has a volume of 50-150 liters and is held on the wall on four mounting hooks.

It is advisable to install a water heater in the immediate vicinity of the place of use of hot water, so there will be no heat loss, and the water will reach the consumer maximum temperature.
If the reliability of the walls is questionable, then storage water heaters should be installed on special supports.

Water heaters produce 2 types: flow and storage

The first ones are convenient because they do not take up much space, but they are not as economical as accumulative ones. Heating water in them directly depends on the pressure – the more powerful the pressure, the cooler the water. Their advantages in portable size, instant heating of unlimited amount of water.

Cumulative type water heaters are more economical, heating water to a high temperature regardless of pressure. The greater the volume of such a boiler, the longer the hot water will flow from it. When installing takes up a lot of space and requires a reliable wall. It is not necessary to mount such a boiler on drywall, partitions in the bathrooms and on the walls of the shell rock.

Installation of a water heater by our qualified specialists will take place quickly and efficiently, regardless of the type of device.

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