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Popular shower types

The electric shower heats the water on demand, taking it from the cold water network and passing it through the heating element inside the shower unit. You will not run out of hot water with type of shower, and they will heat the water as needed, so that there are no losses or accumulations that affect the overall energy efficiency.

Hot and cold water supplies are used in mixing showers, mixing the water in the block when it comes out of the shower. They are suitable for homes with a combination boiler or a large water heater, as they rely on easily accessible hot water. Pump can be added in case of low water pressure.

Thermostatic shower prevents the risk of burns (or freezing) when someone turns on the tap in another place or flushes the toilet. You set your temperature, and the mixer automatically maintains the flow of the right amount of hot or cold water.

Eco-versions can be specified for both electric and mixing showers. They limit the flow of water to an effective level, providing a 50 % reduction in water consumption compared to conventional mixers.

Digital shower can be controlled using the panel, located anywhere within a radius of 10 meters from the shower. The panel then interacts with a power unit, located either in the loft or in the airing cupboard to regulate the flow and temperature of the water.

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