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How to choose a gas stove

You can argue a lot about which stove is better: electric or gas. A lot depends on the stoves themselves, but one thing remains indisputable – the payment for gas is less than for electricity.

Buying a gas stove you come across a set of options that are either present or absent in certain models. The bottom line is – the more options, the more expensive the stove.

The gas stove can be the simplest (without grilling, electric ignition, gas control of the timer and even the backlight), and can be partially supplemented by these functions. The most complete package containing all the listed functions will be the most expensive.

Choosing a gas stove and focusing on the design of a particular model, decide for yourself what functions you need and, when buying this stove, make sure that all the functions you need are present in this model.

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Points to keep in mind choosing a gas stove

Compare the possibilities of cooking gas stoves. British thermal units per hour (BTU / hour) are the standard measurement for the ability to cook. Heat output per hour for standard stoves varies from 4500 to 11000 BTUs. Choose models with a higher BTU rating for more efficient cooking

Choose a gas stoves suitable for the type of gas you have. Natural gas supplied to your home through utilities is standard in most cities. In rural areas, liquid propane or liquefied gas enters the house from the reservoir. If you have liquefied gas, you must purchase a conversion kit for your range to work properly.

Choose a gas stoves with sealed burners. Cleaning is much easier when food cannot spill into the hotplates, but is limited to the hob. Look for a range with a raised edge around the perimeter. Spillovers are less likely to pass over the edge and onto the floor if there is an edge.

Evaluate the stoves that have burners with different output capabilities. For example, a high power burner is useful for boiling water quickly and heating food. A slow burner has a lower energy output.

Look for a stoves with easy to read controls. Consider whether you really need all the electronic features offered, or you would also be happy with the model that uses simple dials to control the heat. Look for stoves that offer locking features so that children cannot access the hob and oven.

Consider the size of your family and what you plan to cook on the range and in the oven. Look for stoves with easy-slide oven shelves. Choose a stove that has at least five rack settings for the most cooking options inside the oven. Choose a double oven range if you do a lot of baking. For easy cleaning, choose a model with a self-cleaning oven.

Read the warranty for gas stoves that you plan to purchase. Some warranties extend over long periods of time, while others expire if you move a stoves from its original location.

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